The Group at a glance

The Buffet Crampon Group specializes in the manufacturing of wind instruments. For more than 200 years, musicians continue to find excellence and passion in our instruments. 
Founded in 1825 The French instrument maker Denis Buffet Auger sets up his workshop in the heart of Paris, at 20 Passage du Grand Cerf. He quickly becomes well-known in the industry by producing excellent 13-key clarinets.
12 Brands 406 Models of wind instruments 6 Production sites 900 Employees 6 Showrooms 12 Nationalities
900 Employees
100M€ Worldwide turnover
Buffet Crampon Shareholders Trail Capital Trail Capital acts as an agent of change and transformation for the businesses contained in its portfolio. As a responsible, involved investor, Fondations Capital operates under the logic that value comes out of growth, innovation and international development and that this is arrived at by supporting the strengths and expertise of the businesses for which they are shareholders. Fondations Capital pays extra attention to develpment opportunities of its European businesses in Asia.