The President’s Editorial

To put the know-how of our craftsmen at the service of the world’s best musicians, and to respect tradition while constantly innovating, these are our commitments.

The spirit of Buffet Crampon is 12 outstanding brands, each with a know-how almost 100 years old and with an eye towards the future and modernity.

Excellence, Tradition, Know-How, Passion, Innovation: we are committed to sharing our values with both our employees and the musicians.

A majority of the wind instruments in the world’s 200 largest orchestras, as well as in music school programs all around the world, requires our luthiers to be as rigorous in their craft of student instruments as they are with our professional range.

The Buffet Crampon Group in a few figures: over 900 employees from 12 nationalities, 6 factories, 6 showrooms and 94% exported production.

With our 6 showrooms around the world, we wish to welcome our musicians and those who wish to discover our instruments in the best acoustic conditions and accompanied by an exceptional repairman.

The adventure continues and the future of this tradition inspires us to continue in our workshops, schools, and concert halls around the world: the link woven through the centuries.