Jerôme Perrod


"Making sure the know-how and talent of our instrument makers allow our musicians to express the best of their artistic emotions all around the globe."

François Billecard

Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing

"Our pursuit of innovation is key to giving our musicians the bespoke instrument of their dreams."

Jean-Baptiste Bouvier

Chief Financial Officer

"Sound Management and Organization supporting excellence of our instruments"

Isabelle Azra

Communication & Digital Business Director

"Communication is essential to creating and maintaining the strong relationships which Buffet Crampon has with our musicians."

François Kloc

President & CEO at Buffet Crampon USA

"We are proud to be a key player in the dynamic North American music market."

François-Xavier Lienhart

President & CEO at ‎Buffet Crampon Japan

Japanese musicians' quest for the best Quality makes us manufacture instruments even above their expectations."

Sylvain Parpaite

President & CEO at ‎Buffet Crampon China

"Buffet Crampon China is a real success story, one which embraces the influence of French Culture."

Carsten Hense

CEO at Buffet Crampon Germany

"The tradition of craftsmenship combined with modern processes create our finest instruments yet."

Antoine Paris

Group Supply Chain Director

"Plan, anticipate and coordonate in order to deliver the best service to our musicians all around the world"